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 Audition (‘dishon)

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PostSubject: Audition (‘dishon)   Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:37 pm

I saw this over the weekend, and had extremely high expectations. This Japanese horror flick involves a middle-aged widower who has been lonely too long, and therefore (at the urging of friends and his son) sits in on a movie casting audition to see if he can find a possible mate.

He is captivated by Asami Yamazaki grace, beauty and shy nature, and decides to persue her. Even when his friend urges him to stay clear, there's something weird about that one, he ignores it and sets up a date with her.

It's like 40 minutes into the movie before even that happens, and even then... it's another 20 minutes before it gets the least bit interesting... when you see Asami has something (someone?) tied up in her almost empty apartment. Then, its another 40 minutes before anything exciting happens. It concludes with a fairly off-the-wall dream sequence (that involves points of the story that the person dreaming couldn't possibly know about, which irks me) and a spooky and graphic torture scene that leaves as quickly as it comes. Roll credits.

Completely disappointing. Got some good reviews, but I think a lot of people just like to say they enjoy Japanese horror movies, no matter how crummy.

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PostSubject: Re: Audition (‘dishon)   Sat Sep 01, 2007 10:26 pm

I tried to watch it online, my cousin told me it was really good. But the only site I found it on had it borken up into like 16 parts. Some of them were missing, all the good ones anyway, I tried to watch it and kept falling asleep, not a good thing when you at work. I was pretty boring, I didn't even get to see all the tourture scene that was supposed to me so good. MCR has a music video that was based on the movie, and from what I saw that 2 min video pretty much summed the movie up and did a better job.

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Audition (‘dishon)
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