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 Gaboman's Review of Nightmare On Elm Street

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PostSubject: Gaboman's Review of Nightmare On Elm Street   Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:35 pm

Alright, there's this girl named Tina. She's got blonde hair and she's knocking about a kind of factory place in her night dress. Weird, I guess, but that's not the weirdest thing. She's fully scared, and there's this scary laugh and some scraping sounds coming from all around her. Then there's a goat. Scary stuff!

Eventually someone jumps up behind her, and she wakes up. It was all a dream. Or was it? Her mum comes into her room 'cause she heard her scream, and says she's gotta stop that kind of dreaming because her dress is a bit cut up. Then the mother's boyfriend comes into the room and wants her to come back to bed, 'cause he needs a little something something.

So the next day at school Tina meets up with her friend Nancy and Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow's name in this is Glen, alright? That's how acting goes, you've got to remember a new name every time someone big plays a new character. But before this movie he hadn't been in anything else, so I guess they should've just stuck with Glen to avoid confusion.

Anyway, Tina tells them about her dream and Nancy's all like "I had the same dream!" and Glen's eyes say that he had the same dream, but he just acted cool and was all like "pfft" and that. A dude named Rod met up with them too, and made a dirty joke to show that his character was the bad boy in the movie.

So they made a deal to meet up at Tina's house that night because her mum's away and she was a bit scared. Glen tries to convince his parents he's at his cousin's house, but the tape recording he uses to convince her he's near the airport has a lot of guns and stuff on it too. If I was him, I'd have listened to the tape first to make sure that didn't happen, you know?

So Rod wasn't invited, but she shows up anyway. He pulls Tina into the bedroom, and Glen's like all over Nancy and she tells him to cool down, which pisses him off. I'd be pissed off too, if I were him.

So Rod and Tina totally do it, and afterwards Tina wakes up and sees the window crack a bit. Inexplicably she runs outside to see what's what. She walks right out into the street for God-knows what reason. There this dude with knives on his hands is waiting and he's got full long arms that reach all the way past the alley. She runs, but he's way too quick for her and catches up. Somehow they end up in the bedroom, and then you find out... guess? You'll never think it. She's really dreaming. I know, right? Amazing. But her body is being flung all around the bedroom and Rod's like "what the hell!?!!?" as Tina's being ripped open. Fully gross too.

Nancy and Glen try to break into the room. When they do, they find Tina dead and Rod's jumped out the window. They go to the police station and give a statement and you know what? The police dude is Nancy's dad. It seems that her parents are divorced, but they don't say it outright at any point in the movie.

So Nancy's drinking coffee the next morning because she totally doesn't want to fall asleep. Her mum doesn't want her to go to school, but she does anyway. On the way, Rod pulls her into a bush and tells her he didn't do it. She's not convinced, and Nancy's dad comes out of hiding to arrest Rod. Nancy runs off to school, but she falls asleep in class when they're doing Shakespeare. Nancy sees a body bag with Tina in it in the hall, and she follows it out into the hall. The body bag leaves a trail of blood, as body bags do. She runs into this creepy hall monitor girl who's wearing clothes just like the freaky dude with the knives on his fingers.

So Nancy keeps on walking and ends up in a boiler room/factory thing, just like Tina at the start. When the spooky knife-finger dude comes at her, she burns herself on the boiler so she wakes up. Which she does. In class. Screaming. They must have thought she was mental!

Anyway, I'll tell you what, I'll just spoil the movie for you at this point. Turns out, the scary dude with the knive-fingers... it's only Freddy Krueger. Didn't see what coming, aye? So anyway, he kills everyone... or almost everyone. I think there's a few people he leaves alive. But eventually he'll get them all. In part 3.

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Gaboman's Review of Nightmare On Elm Street
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