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 Gaboman's Review of his new Terminator 2 DVD

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PostSubject: Gaboman's Review of his new Terminator 2 DVD   Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:37 am

I've seriously wanted to get Terminator 2 on DVD for ages. I got a 2 disc version of the first movie years ago, and the third movie I got on DVD in a 2 disc version when it went down in price (because nobody bought it). But the thing was, there was no Terminator 2 on DVD here in Taiwan and in Australia I could only find a shitty 1 disc version. In the US it wasn't easy to come across, but I found a few different DVDs online, and only one seemed worthwhile.

Then I forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago, and then remembered that I thought Terminator 2 was awesome and wanted to get it on DVD. But the DVD I wanted wasn't available anymore, so I went online and found it for second hand. Terminator 2: Judgement Day - The Ultimate Edition DVD.

The reason I wanted this one was because I've seen the Special Edition version of the movie (which has about 30 minutes to 1 hour extra of extra footage) before, and I wanted to make sure I had that version. But then this DVD has an Extended Special Edition with another few minutes worth of material which I'd never, ever seen before. This includes an alternate ending.

So, anyway, this DVD has 3 version of the movie. The theatrical version, the special edition and the extended special edition. I think the Extreme Edition of the movie only had 2 versions, and the extra scenes were accessible through a different menu. But they look good in the movie. Though one is completely confusing. One of the extra scenes is the T-1000 in John's room after he's killed his foster parents. He kind of waves his arms around like a hippie or some drug-addled maniac. The alternate ending shows Sarah Connor doing her voice over-ing into a tape recorder. Nearby John's pushing his daughter on the swings. Interesting enough.

I haven't bothered looking at the extra features yet, but there seems to be heaps of them. I'll probably comment on them later.

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Gaboman's Review of his new Terminator 2 DVD
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