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 Hot Tube Time Machine

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PostSubject: Hot Tube Time Machine   Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:57 am

Yes, I saw Hot Tube Time Machine.

Special sneak preview. Get these all the time. Love the city I live in.

Also saw 'Cop Out' a few days ago. Review on that later.

First, HTTM.
The trailer(s) nail it. Don't expect much more. I liked this movie, but I'm more disappointed how how fuckin' funny it could have been. Premise is easily great: rated-R comedy, booze, drugs, tits, Cusack, Chevy cameo, a hot tub, and a time machine. Yet, it still went wrong.

Everything about the movie seemed pushed together. You could have filmed the fucking thing in a week at Big Bear. What little special effects they had sucked, likened to a 80's movie, so maybe they were being ironic.

The plot was easy. This group of friends in high school used to hang out at this ski lodge back in the 80's and get loaded and bang chicks. Awesome. Best time of their lives. Fast forward to 2010. They don't hang out anymore. Being old sucks. Cusacks girlfriend leaves him. When the Daily Show guy tries to off himself, they decide to take a green screen car ride back to the ski town of their youth, with Cusack's characters nephew. Oh wait... the town sucks now. So they all get fucked up, lament, and get in a hot tub that used to have a dead raccoon in it which mystically is full with sudsy greatness later. They wake up in 1986, and appear to be their younger selves during that time on their former trip to all those they encounter. Except the nephew fades out like reception on a shitty old TV. You never know why.

So they try to trace their old steps as to not mess with the future, mainly because Chevy Chase says so. He fixes hot tub time machines. The gang strays from the path (sort-of) and bullshit around to very uneventful circumstances, that is, until the last few minutes of their trip.

There were some good gags. Blow-job joke, The Catch, Cusacks sister getting banged, Chase calling the one dude a girl...

I liked what this movie tried to be, and shit, I want more rated-R comedies. This had the makings of an 'Old School' or '40-Year-Old Virgin' laugh-wise, but it was just weak overall.

I give it a B- or C+, still too soon.

And Cop Out was way better.


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Hot Tube Time Machine
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