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 Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code

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PostSubject: Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code   Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:24 am

I thought this was interesting, but it's super long, so I will just post the link.


I don't play any lotto regularly, I used to buy the occasional state lotto ticket and will buy scratchies occasionally as gifts, but I have always thought it was rigged, and impossible to win because they rig it, my thoughts on how they rig it were much the same as what they say in this article, but it never occurred to me that anyone without Rainman style genius could just crack it in their lounge room. Sure, being a maths genius of sorts helps, but it seems a pretty obvious when it's laid out there like this. I could do that! Maybe. Next time I buy one I will try the theory out and see if it works.
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Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code
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