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PostSubject: YouTube   Mon May 07, 2012 4:51 pm

I'm going to rant a bit about YouTube, bear with me.

Seriously. YouTube is the least user friendly website I've ever been a part of. Its a bloody chore to find an email address, if you complain about someone or something you just get a generic response with no explanation given as to why they feel your complaint isn't or is justified and blocking users does nothing to stop them from commenting and filling your inbox with trash! Its almost as if there are no human beings involved in the bloody process at all!

I've had somebody on YouTube rant at me about refering to the German State of 1933 to 1945 as Nazis, accuse me of insulting Germans by doing so, of attempting to whitewash Soviet or West Allies war crime by simply using the word Nazi.

Not only did that user do this he then went on to accuse my ancestors of being in the KKK, of my Granfathers being gangsters who attacked women and children and laughed as Dresden burned all because I happened to say to someone else that its kind of two-faced to demonize Bomber Harris for the West Allied Bomber offensive when they were absolving the Nazis and trying to portray them as the victims who did nothing to provoke those attacks.

I decided that I wanted to complain about this users posts to the YouTube authorities so I went looking for contact details. I found a load of Questions and Answers but no email address. It's almost as if the YouTube staff dont want you to contact them. Why cant they just have a "these are our moderaters and how to contact them section"? Its incredibly frustrating.

And now, for the last few days I've been involved in an argument - there no two ways about that - with some American guy about Bernard Montgomery. He spent about a week before I got involved insulting Monty and the British/Commonwealth soldiers who served under him and claiming they contributed nothing positive. He then resorted to personal attacks against Monty's character by levelling accusations of peadophilia against him.

I challenged him to provide evidence to back up the claim or stop going on about it but he refused to do either. He mentioned Nigel Hamilton's book "the Full Monty" but refused to accept that Hamilton's book is not universally accepted and is disputed by both people who shared close personal relationships with Monty and the historical community - and when he finally got around to providing me with a source for his claims he gave me the website "uncyclopedia" as if that is a legitimate source material for a serious historical discussion.

He has since ramped up his vitriol against Monty, claiming that, and I quote: "Sources have divulged the Monty the Pedophile was having a sexual orgy with his 12 Year Old Boy named Juan plus a few of Montys young staff members took part." amungst other things. And the final straw was when he decided to attack the British Royal Family, without provocation, calling Queen Elizabeth II a whore and accusing her of committing incest with her own son.

Naturally I gave up then and there. Someone with such obvious anglophobia is not worth the effort. I told him I wasn't going to respond to him anymore and he has since sent me a personal message and responded to my comments five more times, even after I blocked blocked him, each response being tasteless, offensive and provocative.

When it gets to the stage where someone is harrassing you after you want nothing more to do with them and have told them such, when they continue to post the same rubbish over and over again even when it has been proven to have little, if any, basis in reality, then I feel that you want to talk to someone, you want to feel as if someone is actually there so you can discuss the issue.

You dont get that feeling with YouTube.
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