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 Vince McMahon Bringing Back the XFL

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PostSubject: Vince McMahon Bringing Back the XFL   Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:20 pm


In today's news: Vince McMahon is a fucking idiot. He has only ever been successful as a wrestling promoter. His hockey team lasted about a year, his stadium was sold to a christmas tree business, his bodybuilding federation was a bust and his most epic fail of all time was the XFL, an alternative American football league that lasted one season and lost McMahon $35million and cost NBC the same amount.

So what does Vince McMahon in his 72nd year on earth decide to do? Sell off stock in his only successfull business so he resurrect his greatest ever failure.

I'd say this is throwing good money after bad but the WWE's been terrible these past few years and has actively gone out of it's way to piss off the fans of the main show by pushing people they dont like down their throats - looking at you Roman Reigns - and sabotaging the careers of others who the fans wanted to get behind - see Bray Wyatt - with only their developmental brand NXT getting majority positive reviews.

Still. Why the hell would he bring it back? Who even wants it? Other than Vince?

He's undoubtedly been a genious when it comes to wrestling promotion - though many would say he's lost his touch in recent years - but he's doesn't half make some stupid decisions from time to time.
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PostSubject: Re: Vince McMahon Bringing Back the XFL   Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:17 am

Does XFL mean Extreme Football League?

From the article, it looks like the problem with the first attempt was because the players had a "lackluster quality of play". Makes sense -- they couldn't get into the NFL so tried out for the XFL. This time around McMahon wants to have a more family-friendly version of the game with players who have no criminal history and who keep their political leanings out of the game, which in no way addresses what lost viewers in the first go-around.

I'm all for keeping the personal political feelings of the players out of the coverage of the game, but what does he mean by "family-friendly"? Highlighting each player's contribution to their community? Let's just leave all of that for pre-game player exposÚs or newspaper coverage. The focus of a sporting event should be on providing entertainment for the people in the form of good athleticism and clever strategy.
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Vince McMahon Bringing Back the XFL
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